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Blackout paint

line removal1Probably the most economic of removal types. However, it has limitations as to where it can be used and its longevity.  In most cases now, it cannot be applied to roadways as a permanent removal option. When applied to areas that it may be used, it has a limited life. Remember it too is a linemarking paint & therefore has the same wear characteristics.  When applied in car parks, it has the tendency to wear off in high traffic areas. It will often have high reflection at night and when wet, and in some cases reflect the old marking underneath. Generally used on traffic areas as a temporary measure only. Often used in civil applications such as warehouses, production facilities and various low traffic areas. It can be sealed to achieve longer lasting results for these applications.

Machine Grinding

Line removal by grinding is a more commonly applied line marking removal method. Generally used on smaller removal jobs and where surface finish is not a major concern. Can be used on most asphalt and concrete surfaces. Generally removes markings completely, however tends to leave scaring to all surfaces.  Ultra Linemarking can use various equipment for grinding, from walk behind to a custom built truck that vacuums up the dust as it grinds and therefore having a lower impact on the environment.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a line removal service we offer to remove existing line marking on a concrete surface.  Small metal beads chip away paint or etch a concrete surface with a self contained vacuum. This service is especially useful for warehouses, distribution facilities and parking garages.

Sand Blasting

Used for high volume removal and where a clean smooth surface finish is desirable. Smaller removal jobs will incur a minimum charge status.  Generally surfaces show little if any obvious sign of injury from sand blasting once removal has taken place.  Definitely the preferred finish option on concrete.

Water Blasting

This form of line removal is generally preferred by most councils as a permanent form of removal but it does leave significant damage to the surface – Ultra Linemarking can organise for the water blasting with custom built water trucks that suck up the water and reuses as it goes along, another environmentally friendly version of line removal.

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