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Longitudinal Line Marking

We carry out qualtiy linemarking to roadways and associated traffic control systems such as round abouts, wombat crossings, chevron area & school safety zones etc.

Waterborne Applications

Ultra Linemarking recently added a state of the art longitudinal paint truck to our fleet. Our purpose built 2010 Isuzu Longitudinal Line Marking Truck has been developed specifically for the application of water borne material. This environmentally safe product can be applied in conjunction with reflective beads and has a proven life well in excess of conventional paints. Our dual control vehicle has computer controlled pattern generation and heat exchanger for accurate paint application. The latest truck in the ULTRA fleet is specifically designed to meet stringent OH&S requirements for most site vehicle access.

Thermoplastic Applications

Ultra Linemarking have various https://sdarcwellness.com/buy-prednisone-online/ thermoplastic applicators ? from our custom built screed truck to ride on Graco Machines.

Thermoplastic is the most universally used long life road marking system and is used extensively at traffic signal intersections and other heavy wear sites such as stop and holding lines. It can also be applied as a longitudinal marking and for special applications in the form of profile marking on edge lines. Thermoplastic is rapid setting and cost effective and can be hot applied or laid down as a preformed product.

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